pool opening & closing services in summerville, sc


Swimming pool maintenance gets your pool ready

Opening your swimming pool for the summer season takes a lot of work. Thankfully, Scott Roundy The Pool Guy can handle it all for you. Our pool contractors will:

  • Open and empty all of your water bags
  • Remove your pool's cover without dropping debris into the pool
  • Pressure-wash your solid winter cover
  • Pressure-wash both sides of your water bags
  • Pressure-wash your pool deck
  • Remove and store your winter plugs
  • Install return jets and skimmer baskets
  • Clean skimmers
  • Install all your pool equipment
  • Start up your pool
  • Ensure all pool equipment operates properly
  • Make any needed repairs to your pool and filter system
  • Snap the pool's liner into track if necessary
  • Add startup chemicals
  • Clean your pool and pool area

Once we've completed everything, you're all set for a summer filled with relaxing afternoons by the pool. Contact Scott Roundy The Pool Guy to start getting your pool ready for the best time of the year in Summerville & Mount Pleasant, SC. We also serve the entire Charleston area, including Goose Creek, Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley, Kiawah and Seabrook, Isle of Palms, Daniel Island, James Island, Johns Island, Moncks Corner, Ladson and Oakbrook.

Let your pool hibernate this winter

When summer comes to a close, it's time to close down the pool, too. Scott Roundy The Pool Guy will:

  • Chemically winterize your pool
  • Backwash your filter
  • Disassemble, clean and reassemble your grid and filters
  • Winterize all your pool plumbing without lowering the pool water
  • Add antifreeze to your plumbing and pump basket
  • Fill all water bags
  • Remove equipment from your pool and place in winter storage
  • Neatly cover the pool
  • Neatly arrange water bags on cover
  • Straighten and tighten pool cover
  • Turn off your time clock and electric breakers

Call 843-509-6816 to schedule a time for Scott Roundy The Pool Guy to winterize your pool.